Donor-advised funds are the fastest growing charitable vehicle in America. They offer terrific tax benefits and let generous people manage their giving as though they had a private foundation – but without needing to be a millionaire to get started.

There are more than a thousand banks, community foundations, and public charities serving as donor-advised fund providers.

However, not all of these providers share your values and goals. Find one that thinks like you do. 

DonorsTrust is the community foundation for liberty and works with donors that hold that same commitment.


Think of a donor-advised fund as your own charitable savings account.

Open your fund with a simple application, make an initial contribution of $10,000 or more (or just $1,000 for givers under age 40) and immediately take your tax deduction, then request grants on your schedule, without the rush.

Open Your Account

Contribute and Deduct

Time Your Giving


All donor-advised funds offer a similar set of basic benefits for you and your family.

DonorsTrust goes farther with its unique focus on preserving donor intent for liberty-minded donors.

All Donor-Advised Funds

Simplified Giving
Opening an account is simple. Once open, our team handles the administrative side of giving so you can focus on what counts.

The DonorsTrust Difference

Commitment to Liberty
We know the liberty movement, and we, like our clients, want to see those organizations advancing liberty grow.

Flexible Giving
Receive more flexibility on timing and privacy than with a private foundation or checkbook giving.

Personalized Service
When you call our office, you'll talk to a person. We believe simplifying giving means personalizing it as well.

Tax Advantaged
Stretch your giving farther with gifts of appreciated stock or real estate. Receive more generous tax treatment than a private foundation.

Donor Intent Protection
We share your passion for using philanthropy to support the cause of liberty, and we are committed to protecting your donor intent.


Our clients come from all across the nation. Some give away a few thousand every year. Some give much more. They support think tanks, student organizations, and public interest law firms, as well as medical research, religious institutions, arts programs, civic organizations, and schools of all types.

And all DonorsTrust clients share a desire to use private philanthropy to improve people’s lives, not government largesse.

How can DonorsTrust help you simplify your giving?

Download a free prospectus that walks you through donor-advised funds and the unique aspects that DonorsTrust can bring to service for you.

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